Steel balls for bearings used in aircraft applications need to meet high standards of quality, reliability, and performance due to the critical role they play in ensuring the safety and functionality of high demanding applications. The choice of the steel type and its quality are among the important factors in determining the success of aircraft bearings.

ICT can offer high precision balls in AISI 52100 AMS 6440 steel. Compared to the standard 100Cr6 steel used for standard bearings rings, balls and rollers, the AMS 6440 version has gone through vacuum degassing process in order to eliminate any impurity (like oxygen) in order to enhance the resistance to fatigue in application. This results in longer and – above all – more stable (i.e. predictable) performance in application, with higher slope of the Weibull plot representing the expected life results.

Of course, the balls geometrical precision and the surface appearance quality play also an important role in determining the performance in application. Under that point of view ICT can guarantee 6-sigma capabilities to meet stringent requirements of G3 and G5 as for ISO 3290 and the best international benchmarks. This is possible thanks to:

  • Standardized continuous process flow;
  • Reduces batch sizes to guarantee minimal spread in dimensions;
  • Heat treatment certified NADCAP;
  • Quality Management system certified according to AS9100 rev. D.


All balls meet the stringent requirements of aerospace industry and are available in the range up to 25.4 mm. The balls are 100% eddy-current inspected and all metrological, metallurgical and raw material certifications are provided to customers together with products.

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