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Forged, Rolled, Turned and Heat-Treated Rings

New ICT partner for bearings and automotive industries ICT is pleased to inform about new long-term partnership established with the Indian company Rolex Rings, one of the global leading players in manufacturing forged, rolled, turned and heat-treated rings for both bearings and automotive industries. With 3 manufacturing units located in Rajkot (Gujarat) in India, Rolex…

The heart of any CV-joint – The Cage Why CV-joint cages proper quality can enhance the vehicle driving experience

Constant velocity (CV) joints play an essential function in the cars, shifting energy from power transmission system to the wheels. As an integral part of the drivetrain system, the CV joint is responsible for accommodating the dynamic movement of the suspension while maintaining a consistent rotational velocity, thereby enhancing driving performance, comfort and overall vehicle…

Ceramic Balls in Silicon Nitride – ICT offer for high precision silent bearings industry

ICT offer for high precision silent bearings industry Silicon nitride balls are used in full ceramic and hybrid-ceramic bearings in applications where ultra high-speed rotation is required. Furthermore, they have an insulating property which is highly effective in preventing electrolytic corrosion: this makes silicon nitride balls the optimal solution as a countermeasure against premature bearing…

Cages for Constant-Velocity Joints – A new product offer from ICT s.r.l.

ICT team is pleased to inform the addition of new components in the products range offered to the worldwide high precision mechanics industry: cv-joints cages and pressure rings. Constant-velocity joint is a mechanical coupling which allows the shafts to rotate freely (i.e. without increase in friction or backlash) as the angle between the two shafts...

Balls in 52100 AMS 6440 steel – ICT competitive offer for aircraft bearings manufacturers

Steel balls for bearings used in aircraft applications need to meet high standards of quality, reliability, and performance due to the critical role they play in ensuring the safety and functionality of high demanding applications. The choice of the steel type and its quality are among the important factors in determining the success of aircraft...

Intervista su Bearing Review – Aprile 2023

La cover sulla rivista Bearing Review ci rende molto orgogliosi! In allegato l’intervista completa a Giuseppe Panaccione e Osvaldo Aghemo Clicca qui          

Intervista su Bearing news – Marzo 2023

Siamo presenti sulla rivista Bearings News (secondo trimestre 2023) con l’intervista al Sig. Panaccione: Meet The Premium Supplier Balls of High-Quality Steel & Aluminium Per leggere l’intera intervista, clicca qui          

HANNOVER MESSE – Noi ci saremo

Siamo lieti di comunicare la nostra presenza alla HANNOVER MESSE, fiera leader mondiale dell’industria e dell’ingegneria meccanica, che si tiene dal 17 al 21 Aprile 2023 in Germania, nella città di Hannover. La fiera è punto di riferimento nel settore con significative eccellenze a livello internazionale; quest’anno 4000 aziende dell’ingegneria meccanica, dell’industria elettrica e digitale…

ICT searches for technical expert consultants in bearings industry

ICT searches for technical expert consultants in bearings industry ICT srl is worldwide leader company in consulting bearings and bearing components industries under technical, organizational, strategical and commercial points of view. With aim to reinforce its own international team, the company is looking for indipendent technical experts with minimum 10 years of experience in manufacturing…

Buone Feste

Un sentito ringraziamento a tutti i nostri clienti, ai nostri dipendenti, partner, fornitori e azionisti, per il sostegno e il supporto che ci hanno garantito in quest’anno per il raggiungimento di traguardi importanti di crescita. Auguriamo di cuore  a Voi tutti e alle Vostre famiglie di trascorrere un Felice Natale e un meraviglioso anno nuovo….