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Black Oxiding Treatment

ICT is able to offer to his own customers a special process of black oxiding for different types of components, like bearings balls, rollers and rings.

Black Oxide processing provides an extremely cost effective form of protection and adds to the components resistance to corrosion. The process adds no dimension change to the original components dimensions and improves the visual quality while offering lubricity. In addition, thin parts can withstand bending stretching and handling. Black oxide coats all surface of a component.

ICT black oxiding treatment is a revolutionary electrochemical process that allows to modify a very thin layer of the component (typically not more than 0.5 micron depth) and to drastically lower the coefficient of friction of two connecting surfaces, with clear benefits to the life of the application.

Get in touch with us at info@consulting-trading.com to know more about the other advantages of this special treatment and the solutions that ICT can provide to your company.