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Giuseppe Panaccione


48 years old, engineer, he had been working for more than 20 years within multinational companies of bearings and bearing components industry. Among other roles, he was production manager in SKF, R&D director, plant manager and VP operations director in NN and general manager in VLF.


Osvaldo Aghemo

Technical Expert

48 years old, technical expert, he had been working for more than 20 years within multinational companies of bearings industry like SKF, NN and VLF. Expert in TPM and central systems, he had been working as production manager and engineering manager within organizations working in accordance with lean principles culture.


Aurora PIcco

Customer Service & Business Analyst

With more than 20 years of experience in customer service and back office activities to support sales & marketing, she is also a business analyst in operations of M&A.


Ashok Bhagwat

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineer with more than 40 years of all-round professional experience in high precision mechanics within large multinational companies like SKF, INA, NKE, GCT and few more. He had been working in industrial engineering, application engineering and headed sales-marketing. Well versed with new product introduction in competitive market, Ashok is based in Pune (India) and manages ICT activities within India + Saarc countries.


Magdalena Nowicka

Poland – Sales & Customer

Service and back office, with experience in business development of foreign companies in Poland


Kamila Stasierowska-Wrobel

Poland – Sales & Customer

Service and back office, with experience in business development of foreign companies in Poland


Giovanni Curtis


PhD at the University of Roma Tre, he is Professor of Aesthetics in the MIUR-AFAM sector and at the ISIA Design of Pescara and Rome, where he teaches Semiotics applied to industrial design and History and culture of communication. He writes for magazines and newspapers, as well as essays dedicated to image and mass media. He is a member of the scientific committee of the CIIRMEC (Research Center for Hermeneutical Methodology of Complexity) and is the creator and director of the new Nathan publishing house.


Milica Radonjic

Corporate and management consultant

Specialized in Finance and Project Management, with 4 years of prefessional experience in project management and coordination at senior level. With degrees in European Economics and Business by University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and in Advanced Economics by La Sapienza University in Rome, she is responsible of projects of strategic development of small-medium enterprises with regards to compliance and to organization and management models.


Edmondo Monda

Lawyer, tax expert and auditor

Lawyer, tax expert and auditor with specialization in company extraordinary operations and legal and fiscal matters related to M&A activity and to financial and industrial institutions. He holds roles as independent company auditor (sindaco) in several financial institutions and private industries.


Carlo Amilicia


Technical and commercial background developed working for many years in the industrial and automotive components industry as well as in the machinery and automation sectors. Business development and new markets/customers scouting capability.

Technical competence in mechanical, hydraulic, driveline, drivetrain and electromechanical components. Deep knowledge on commercial management negotiation and contractual definition with worldwide Customers for capital goods and machinery sectors as well as automotive and industrial components. Inter-functional management support among engineering, purchasing, cost estimating, manufacturing, quality and sales team.



采购&销售中国区域代表 - Purchase & sales representative in China

Specialist in customer service for bearing components, Wendy is the point of reference for the processes of purchases and sales of ICT in China. Her base is in Liaocheng City, in Shandong province.


Douglas Biazotto


Engineer, has more than 20 years of professional experience managing multinational companies in the field of industrial and automotive components. Entrepreneur, he is an expert in sales and marketing areas with long experience in turnkey business, market analysis and fast growing business, including management and strategic consulting of international businesses.


Paras Vashi


Mechanical Engineer with 25+ years of experience in production, quality system, sale, marketing, and business development in engineering and automotive sector. Expert in collaboration and working with international clients with good analytical skills. He is responsible for sales and purchasing in India. Paras is based in Bilimora, South Gujarat, India.

Our partners are fundamental part of our team. You find them listed here below, with a short description of their main features.

NHB Ball & Roller Ltd (www.nhbball.com) is an Indian company specialized in high precision balls in chrome and stainless steels in the dimensional range from 2 to 27 mm. Headquartered in Mumbai and with two modernly organized manufacturing plants in Gujarat, the company serves the worldwide market with just-in-time policy through 9 finished goods warehouses positioned also in Italy, Germany and Canada, as well as in India. NHB counts 320 employees, with yearly turnover of around 30 million dollars.

Carborundum Universal Ltd (www.cumi-murugappa.com) is part of the US$ 4.4 billion conglomerate Murugappa Group. Headquartered in Chennai (India), the company pionered the manufacture of coated and bonded abrasives in India and produces the complete range of vitrified, resinoid and rubber bonded products for various industrial applications: automobile, auto components, steel, bearings and bearing components, foundry, general engineering, aerospace and wood.

W&Y (www.wybearings.cn) is a Chinese company specialized in manufacturing of large roller bearings, slewing rings and taper, cylindrical and spherical large rollers for bearings application. Based in the bearings city of Wafangdian, north-east of China, the 160 employees company serves worldwide market mainly of steel making, mining, oil drilling, wind power, ship building, material handling, chemical and solar power industries.

Manu Yantralaya (manujaipur.com) is a leading manufacturer of high quality and high volume ball bearings cages in stamped metal and in polyamide. With 4 plants in India and 320 employees, the company is able to serve bearings industry in all continents and is recognized as an emerging high quality supplier in precision mechanics industry. Manu is certified IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.

Iumex S.p.A. (www.iumex.com) is a multinational company with foundries in Checz Republic and Bosnia through which it can supply both high volume items as well as small batch products at competitive conditions. The served markets range from automotive to industrial and also include furniture, agriculture, lifts, central systems and many others.

O.erre.pi (www.oerrepi.com) is an Italian company located in the area of Turin and specialized in high precision grinding and lapping machines for bearings and rollers production. With more tha 40 years of experience in the business, Oerrepi has become a reference point in the worldwide panorama of high quality machinery for bearings industry. (ICT partnership with Oerrepi is based on exclusive cooperation only in the territory of India.)

Bonetto srl (www.bonetto-group.com) is an Italian group with headquarter in the area of Turin and specialized in industrial automation of assembly and control processes. The company operates also in the bearings industry offering very high-end solutions for the assembly of double row taper roller bearings used for train wagon axles application.

Bussi Elettronica Industriale (www.bussi-demagnetizers.com) is an Italian company specialised in the design and construction of electronic impulse demagnetizers. Thanks to patented technology, they offer a wide range of demagnetization systems.

Yusion Industrial Co., Ltd. (www.yusioncn.com/) Yusion is high technological company specialized in manufacturing large chrome steel balls, bigger than 27 mm diameter, with special focus in the range above 40 mm for the wind mill and large bearings application. Thanks to consistent manufacturing process based on top quality raw material usage, continuous belt furnace heat treatment and camera and eddy current inspection (by Aviko) of products, Yusion balls are a reliable and competitive solution for top quality bearings manufacturers. The Yusion balls are globally approved by large final companies in wind mill industry like Siemens Gamesa. YUSION production program includes also the offer of balls and rollers in AISI S2 steel for drilling industry.

Prosino (www.prosino.com) is a top quality manufacturer of soft and hard rings for bearings industry, with specialization in small-medium series of products with high geometrical precision and reduced controlled stock-allowance. The company is able to serve high demanding applications like, for example, precision bearings for high speed spindles and aircraft bearings. Equipped also with continuous and batch heat treatment, micro steel ball and glass blasting and ceramic vibro-polishing, Prosino management system is certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.