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Strategic Development Support

We are able to assist client companies in defining the optimal medium-long term strategy, providing the methodological and knowledge tools to bring the company to the desired positioning in the competitive scenario.

We perform this role by providing various services:

  • a) Annual advisory support (specifically aimed for micro and small companies requiring periodic support to carry out activities related to quality, safety, environment and organization improvements and results)
  • b) Temporary Management (for example, to take on the roles of Prevention and Protection Service Manager, Prevention and Protection Service Employee, Quality Manager, Environment Manager, Supervisory Board according to Model 231, ADR Consultant)
  • c) Internal Audit function (e.g. for the purposes of verifying compliance with safety and environmental legislation, process audits, security audits of IT systems)
  • d) Compliance function, in order to identify the regulatory provisions which refer to the company activity and to update the internal rules and procedures in order to eliminate any conformity gaps (this also includes assistance services to the Board of Directors and to the management for the compliance risks)
  • e) Forensic Engineering for the support in case of accidents at work, company model 231, environmental damage and machines safety issues
  • f) Company change with a view to INDUSTRY 4.0 or company restructuring and relaunch