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Technologies and Supply Chain Improvement

ICT consultants support client companies in rethinking their production and logistics processes in order to minimize operations without added value and to streamline production flows. In addition to the implementation activities of Lean Manufacturing techniques that have been discussed in the field of Technical Consultancy, we are also able to offer the following services:

  1. Company Logistics reorganization in order to reduce lead-time and to optimize costs
  2. Supply chain improvement through rationalization and cost control, also offering services to verify the conformity of products before shipment from the supplier (Controlled Shipping Level 3 – CSL3)
  3. CE marking in accordance with the Machinery Directive
  4. Health and Safety in the workplace through the drafting of the Risk Assessment Document, the Evaluation of Specific Risks and the Risks of Work Equipment
  5. General product safety (in accordance with DIR 2001/95 / CE)
  6. Methods for the supply system control and improvement (Advanced Product Quality Planning APQP, Failure Mode Effect Analysis FMEA, Production Part Approval Process PPAP, Measurement System Analysis MSA, Statistic Process Control SPC)
  7. Specialist Technical Consultancy for particular processes such as welding, metallic carpentry (in accordance with EN 1090) and non-destructive tests.