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Facilitated Finance

ICT consultants are able to assist effectively customers in obtaining financial facilities that exploit different normative dispositions aimed at supporting the competitive development and regulatory compliance of companies. Below we list only some of our areas of intervention, inviting you to get in touch with our offices through the contact forms on the home page or by writing to info@consulting-trading.com to get more detailed information on other facilitation opportunities:

  1. SABATINI TER (supports for the machinery and equipment purchase for small and medium-sized companies)
  2. INAIL – ISI (incentives to companies for the implementation of interventions on Health and Safety at work)
  3. R & D tax credit (tax credit for research and development activities)
  4. SIMEST Foreign Markets (subsidized loans for programs for inclusion on foreign markets)
  5. SUPER and IPER Depreciation (investment support for the competitiveness relaunch with extension and strengthening of the discipline for increasing the deduction of amortization)
  6. POR Innovation (support to the investment programs of micro, small and medium companies to introduce innovation in the production process, adapting it for the manufacturing of new products or in order to make the process more efficient)