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Company values are:

  • Openness and Integrity

  • Hands-on Job

  • Networking with partners

  • Long-term relationship with customers

Any customer-supplier relationship cannot exist without trust! We know that trust comes only if high ethics principles are part of the company culture. ICT efforts in daily work is to show by facts a honest and transparent behaviour with all the company stakeholders, in the faith that such approach shall always pay back in terms of good reputation and company intangible value. That’s why we always show trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.

We don’t want to be considered as theorethical people that speak about maximum systems and fascinating thories but who are unable to show pratically the effectiveness of our thoughts. Our professionals are NOT scared to get their hands dirty and to show by themselves how things must be done. This contributes to create trust and, in a long term partnership perspective, to speed up all the processes.

Our partners, our collaborators and our suppliers are integer part of ICT, an uncommensurable value that we take extreme care of. We help each other to grow, learning every day something new that will become part of the company goodwill and will be soon transformed into customer value when we are less expecting it. It is like to have both the strengthes of a large multi-cultural company with thousand of employees in multiple worldwide locations and, at the same time, the flexibility of a man-sized consulting company capable to offer customized solutions and special care.

Customers are our precious value: whatever may happen, they shall “enrich” bot hour knowledge and our vision of the world. We never think of working with them in short term perspective, we are focused to show our capabilities in honest and professional way: we are aware that they shall be able to recognize such type of approach of ours and shall award it with more and more opportunities in the long term perspective. We genuinely feel to be important actors contributing to the results and to the achievements of all our customers.

Our values shape everything we do and every choice we make on behalf of the company!