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In combination with its own customers, ICT can study specific coating solutions to increase the performances of different parts: bearings, bearing components like balls, rollers and rings, pressing dies and other tooling.

Through the cooperation with a selected team of partners, ICT can propose the most optimal solution to minimize the coating costs and maximize the performance in application.

Examples of type of coating that we can realize to our customers are:

  1. Zinc with metal alloy, mostly for corrosion protection purposes (on paper processing, rolling mills, automotive applications and outdoor equipment);
  2. Zinc and chrome (non ferrous materials), mostly for corrosion protection purposes (on various accessories, primarily for automotive engineering);
  3. Zinc phosphate (ZnP), for fretting corrosion and corrosion protection purposes (on tapered roller bearings, cages sleeves and wheel bearings);
  4. Thin dense chrome (TDC), for fretting corrosion, corrosion protection and wear resistance purposes (on vibrating screen bearings and applications involving exposure to seawater);
  5. Nickel plating, mostly for corrosion protection purposes (on parts destined to food industry);
  6. Black iron oxide, mostly for running-in behaviour oil film retention (on various parts for wind power and railways applications);
  7. Manganese phosphate (MnP), for sliding and running in behaviour (on spherical roller bearings, steel cages and adaptor sleeves);
  8. PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene), for frictional behaviour purposes (on bearings for cement mills, ship engine, suction roll);
  9. PVD (physical vapour deposition), for multi purpose as various materials can be applied for each characteristic (on paper processing, rolling mills, automotive applications, wind, mining and outdoor equipment);
  10. Ceramic coating of aluminum oxide, for current insulation purposes (on electric motors, traction motors, axle box);
  11. Hybrid bearings using ceramic rolling elements, mostly for current insulation purposes (on deep groove ball bearings of electric motors).

The above list is not comprehensive of all the possible solutions that ICT can implement through its own partners. The bottom line in the evaluation of any application is the cost benefit and the improved life, woth the added cost of the special coating.

We can always support to chose the best fit products for your own needs. Just get in touch with us directly at info@consulting-trading.com or through the format “Request a Quote” to explain your needs. We will provide our feedbacks within a very short time.