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Sustainability, Carbon Management and Environmental Communication

ICT services in terms of sustainability and scientific evaluation of product and system environmental performances can be grouped in 3 different macro areas.

  • 1) Assessment and Comunication of Product Environmental performances

Target of this group of activities is to calculate – according to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods – the environmental impacts of a product along its whole life cycle (from cradle to grave). Such studies can have a double goal: both to understand which are the phases within the production chain that have the highest impacts on performance (by simulating the final effect of improvement actions) and to support the company communication. The natural destiny of LCA studies is to be certified according to the main international standards (EPD, IBU, ISO 14067, ISO 14040)

  • 2) Company Carbon Management and strategic plans to reach the Carbon Neutral

Global Warming is one of the main environmental problems created by the human activities. One of the good things that the most  sensible companies can do is to start a carbon neutrality process that may lead within a certain period of time to the “neutrality”, according to a road map that includes the calculation of emissions, the engagement for their reduction and the compensation of residual emissions. Also in this case the process can follow international standards, like PAS 2060.

  • 3) Sustainability Communication Strategy

Sustainability Strategy is more and more present in the companies business plans. For this reason it is fundamental that the targets to be reached, the stakeholders to be involved, the tools to be used and the messages to be delivered are all well defined. In such context ICT can support to start projects of strategic planning of all communication activities, also by the use of specifc tools like the motion graphic.

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