Following the philosophy that “whatever is a sphere, we can supply it!”, ICT has established strict partnership with leading company specialized in the manufacturing and development of meteorological ballons. That allows us to offer high quality aerological balloons at very competitive conditions.

ICT meteorological balloons are made from natural rubber latex compound with addition of various additives that can highly improve the resistance to both high and low temperatures, oxidation and ozone. By making use of the most advanced technology and modern equipments, our principle is to provide balloons with the highest quality for the customers.

Our offer includes pilot balloons, ceiling balloons and sounding balloons with sizes that range from 10 grams to 3 kg.

Since more than 10 years our partner is involved in the research and development of 1600 g meteorological ballon specialized for GCOS (Global Climate Observing System), reaching a result of NO failures at altitudes up to 30 km and less than 20% failures at altitudes up to 36 km.

Finally, ICT can offer a new special type of balloon with small neck of only 3 cm diameter. This feature allows to meet the customer needs for auto launching system. We invite customers to send inquiries on the same.

For any inquiry or request of more info, just get in touch with us directly at