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Automation and control solutions

Besides the engineering and construction of automation solutions to solve assembly and/or control issues of customers in their series production, ICT can support in supplying the individual sensors to measure various parameters.

For the force/displacement control we can offer different types of equipment for 100% testing on production lines. Controlled operations are those ones that require force to force and displacement measurements: pressing, riveting, bending, etc.. The devices work with a high speed data acquisition and are therefore particularly effective in the control of very rapid cycles where the simultaneous management of the force from the press and of the displacement within the cycle time is needed.

To control the torque we offer static or rotating torquemeters, depending on the required application. Control the process, store the results for production data statistics and quality control are directly in line: our equipments update the data during each cycle and, when combined with a PC, the data can be displayed on the monitor, analysed and printed.

Noise and vibration multifunctional measurement system has been designed for each type of test related to vibration and noise and is configurable to the needs of the customer. It can operate in laboratory environment and in on-line production test.

We offer systems to test the leakage, i.e. to check the pneumatic tightness of certain items. Control the process, store the results for the statistics of the data production and quality control are directly in line: ICT’s equipments, combined with a PC, update the data every cycle, allowing them to be displayed on the monitor, analysed and printed.

Dimensional control systems acquire data using instruments connected to different types of transducers and can interface with industrial PC that elaborate the measures. The systems are suited to the production environment and can be implemented according to the needs to handle transducers and digital input/output signals.
The trasducers are chosen according to the application, based on criteria that take in account the available space, the measuring range and the accuracy. Dimensional tests carried out by our instruments are: concentricity, diameter, axial and radial backlash, top dead center, flickering, thickness, classes division, class correspondence check.

Based on the needs of our customers we are able to provide any type of transducers, from the most common ones (normally kept in stock by our business partner) to special ones. Types of transducers that we deal with are:

  1. Transducers for dimensional measurement;
  2. Transducers and force sensors for measuring static and dynamic loads in tension and compression (they are available in different versions, in function of size, scale and accuracy class);
  3. Torque transducers for the measurement of static or dynamic torsions (together with them we offer also effective coupling joints);
  4. Pressure transducers normally used for leak testing.

Finally we do offer high precision electric presses of different sizes. The main features are:

  1. Linear movement with roller screws for high load applications;
  2. No lubrication and no maintenance;
  3. Life time at least 15 times greater than similar systems using ball screws;
  4. Possibility to use in any assembly direction.

Please get in touch with us at info@consulting-trading.com to request an appointment with our technicians and to receive more details about our automation and control solutions.