Through the partner NHB, ICT is able to offer a quality grade better than G3, i.e. better than the best grade defined in ISO 3290. This very special quality grade is called Super-Premium.

In addition to very low values of ovality, Super-Premium balls are classified through very restrictive parameters of waviness, i.e. of geometrical form measured on balls circumference through frequency analysis of a velocity speed signal (micron/sec) that is picked through a very special sensor. This type of analysis allows to determine any minimal geometrical imperfection of the ball and to correct it before the products quality is released to the final customer.

Furthermore Super Premium balls are manufactured in a Premium philosophy shop-floor environment based on “no-deviation approach”, best in class machinery, procedures and suppliers and zero defects acceptance.

Advantages for the customers in using Super Premium quality are:

  • Silent bearings in the final application (above all the elimination of the so-called “bearing tone” generated by noice frequencies between 300 and 1800 Hz when the vibration is measured in velocity and while the bearing is put in rotation between 700 and 1400 rpm);
  • Up to 50% reduction of bearing noise rejections in assembly lines, kept constant the other process parameters;
  • Continuous flow in manufacturing without (or with less) reworking;

Longer bearings L10 (i.e. the number of cycles at which the probability of bearing failure is equivalent to 10%) in a pre-fixed application (or, in alternative, possibility to downsize the ball in re-designing the bearing for the same application).