ICT is able to supply both bearings and cast iron parts for the agricultural sector, characterized by an excellent price / quality ratio.

Adverse atmospheric  conditions (extreme heat and cold) together with very aggressive work environments (mud, dust, debris, contact with corrosive chemicals) and long periods of inactivity alternated with intense working periods are all elements which cause stress for all the mechanical components.

In such situations, in order to get bearings always to behave according to customer expectations, it is important that the materials’ choice, the  shields’ and coatings’ design and  the choice of lubricant grease and of radial and axial clearances are always done appropriately.

ICT engineers and their partners are able to offer state-of-the-art technical and logistics solutions. ICT offers a range of products and services developed in order to help OEMs and farmers to meet with the growing needs of an evolving industry.

Our products offer many advantages:

– Effective technical solutions;

– Widespread distribution through the network of our partners;

– Competitive prices;

– Post-sales assistance.

We are able to work side by side with OEMs from the early stages concerning the machinery design, suggesting the most appropriate technical solutions in order to optimize costs and maximize components’ life.

We offer:

– Radial and angular contact ball bearings
– Supports Y
– Needle bearings
– Spherical plain bearings (GE series)
– Spherical roller bearings
– Tapered and Cylindrical roller bearings
– Agri HUB

Agri HUB
Agri HUB bearings are an already greased and shielded solution for agricultural machines.
ICT is able to offer all existing models at competitive prices, starting from the popular BAA-0004.
The benefits of using ICT Agri-HUB are obvious:
– Increased productivity thanks to longer duration;
– Reduction in the number of components to be managed;
– Simplicity in assembly;
– Shield design that allows greater protection of the bearing;
– A higher contact angle in the case of axle loads;
– Absence of lubrication during operation;
– Competitive price.
Through its partner ICT is able to offer high precision parts in cast iron, both for high volumes and for small batches.
The use of lost wax castings allows parts to be produced in a wide range of dimensions and in a wide range of iron and non-ferrous alloys, with an exceptional dimensional accuracy.
ICT can provide cast iron products in the following materials:
Cast  iron G15, G20, G30, UNI Table 5007, and GH130, GH170, GH190, GH210, GH230, UNI Table 5330
Spheroidal cast iron UNI 400/2, 500/7, 600/2, copper cast iron, chrome, nickel and molybdenum alloys.