ICT can offer phenolic resin balls for pool, snooker, carom billiards and the more 800 other varieties of the billiard games that exist throughout the world. Furthermore our offer targets also other games like bowling.

ICT balls range goes from 9.525 to over 175 mm of diameter, with different grades of phenolic resins depending on the final application.

Premium phenolic resin is dedicated to the high precision billiard balls for professionals and is characterized by finer grain that results in very smooth and glossy surface capable to last over long period of times. In addition, through different hardening steps, the material shows a transparent vitrified surface that is highly wear-resistant, making both the ball and the cloth of table last longer. All the balls pass through a very stringent release procedures by which they are controlled for density, balance, diameter tolerance, roundness, color precision, surface polish and brilliance.

We can even create custom pool sets based on your specific needs, including graphic design balls with your choice of emblem. Private label and/or advertisement gadgets are also possible for these products.

For any inquiry or request of more info, just get in touch with us directly at info@consulting-trading.com