ICT team is pleased to inform the addition of new components in the products range offered to the worldwide high precision mechanics industry: cv-joints cages and pressure rings.

Constant-velocity joint is a mechanical coupling which allows the shafts to rotate freely (i.e. without increase in friction or backlash) as the angle between the two shafts moves within a certain range. The core components essential for smooth working of these joints are the steel balls (that ICT offers since more than eleven years through its partnership with NHB Ball & Roller) and the new added cages.

With a current manufacturing capacity of more than 12 million cages per year (that is going to become almost 20 million pieces in year 2024) the ICT cv-joint cages are produced in production lines who are characterized by:

  • Best-in-class automatic forging line;
  • CNC turning machines organized in work cells;
  • Heat treatment by Aichelin technology;
  • Automatic grinding lines;
  • Patented full-scale inspection lines, with sorting accuracy of 1 micron for all the main dimensions.

Thanks to its special manufacturing technology and the competence in products design and life testing, the cages are used in drive shafts of premium car makers like Mercedes, Tesla and BMW.

The factory management systems are certified according to IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, while the R&D team is constantly engaged in projects of process innovation aimed to further differentiate the ICT cages from the competition, both in terms of performance, reliability and competitiveness.

ICT is specialized in supplying components (like balls, rollers, cages, etc.) and technologies (grinding and dressing tooling, control and assembly machinery) for bearings, cv-joint and ball screws industries. For more details about cv-joint cages offer as well as of the other ICT products and services, just get in touch with the company writing at info@consulting-trading.com or calling at +39 0121 376811.