Hot Rivetting of Bearing Cages

Innovative Solutions in assembly of large Ball & Roller Bearings

ICT is pleased to announce the new long term partnership signed in September 2022 with Excogita srl, Italian company with about 20 years of experience in serving bearings & balls screws industry with assembly and control machinery for several applications, including aircraft and railways sectors.

By this newsletter we are going to introduce some few details about the revolutionary hot rivetting machine available for welding large brass cages for both ball and roller bearings without generating any residual magnetism above the value of 2 Gauss. The demagnetization process, in fact, happens immediately after the welding, in the same place.

With a power between 80 and 145 kVA, the hot rivetting machine can reach a rivetting speed up to 1 rivet per second and guarantees automatic and continuous adjustement of the force between the electrodes.

For more info about this rivetting solution as well about any other bearing assembly and control technology of ours, please get in touch with us writing to or calling at +39 (0)121 376811.